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TED Talk on Flag Design – Roman Mars

Build Something in SpringfieldThe Mystery Hour

 Who We Are

We are Springfieldians aiming to define and improve the identity of our city. We have formed a non-profit organization to advance our goals. This is not a City of Springfield initiative, we are a group of volunteers, a ground-up movement of engaged locals.

Our first mission: create a banner for our city to rally under.

We think Springfield is a great city, and deserves a great flag.

 Why A New Flag?

Flags are visible symbols of invisible bonds. They are symbols we can connect with, take pride in, and rally under. For nearly 80 years our city has been represented by a flag that people didn’t connect with or even know existed.

  • Our present flag does not speak to our unique identity
  • It ignores basic principles of flag design.
  • It was a near copy of the St. Louis Flag at the time.

What We Have Done

We assembled a committee of engaged locals – artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, and communicators – to tackle the task of creating a new Springfield flag. Over several months, we studied principles of flag design, researched local history, and discussed the essential identity of Springfield. Collaborating with a network of local designers, we then chose a direction and solidified our design.

Flag Committee

Kirk Banasik
Noble Communications – VP
Gary Bedell
Visual Artist / Graphic Designer
Michelle Billionis
The Coffee Ethic – Owner
Julie Blackmon
Creative Photographer
Sean Brownfield *
Dapper, Haberdasher, Hepburn – Owner
Jeff Houghton *
The Mystery Hour
Kelly Knauer
Writer / Editor
John McQueary *
Hotel Vandivort – Co-Owner
Michael Stelzer
Former President of Marlin Advertising (Retired)
Joel Thomas *
Bates Architects – Project Manager

* – Founding Member of Springfield Identity Project

Wear With Pride

We have merchandise available for purchase.  Proceeds are split 50/50 between the local retailer, and a fund that will buy new flags for the city.  Find it at any of these fine local retailers:



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